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Life & Other Obstacles

Emilia Leigh - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Has it really been seven months? Wait, let me check again… Yep, that's right. Let's face it, the last time I posted here was all about cherry blossoms and spring and all things beautiful, and now? Well, now the world has moved on, and we have no choice but to move on with it (I know, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower has been on my mind lately). Indeed, the moral compass has reset itself, but we shouldn’t be surprised. It has been the year of lemons, and we all, along with Beyoncé, should have been making lemonade. Tons of it. Seas and oceans of it. But I’m hopeful. This is how I started this year, and for as long as it’s still the case, I have to believe at least one other person out there is feeling that way too. And if that’s you, if you’re that kindred spirit, wherever you are, wave this way.

All right, back to my main point. I do have an excuse for my absence, but do you know what I’m not going to say? That I’ve been busy. It annoys me when people say that. All it means is they’ve been busy with other, more important, things. In my case, I just needed to do some work on my own, without having to talk too much about it. I spent the last few months working on one last redraft of my manuscript and updating the look of this blog. And although the blog is not ready to go online just yet, here's a sneak peek.  

World problems and edits aside, I’ve been enjoying these last few weeks of autumn, and I hope you are too. This was meant to be just a quick update, but before I go, I want to mention this beautiful quote from The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It's only one sentence, but it reads like a poem, and I just love it so much, the boldness of it. I pretty much know it by heart by now, having repeated it in my head (and out loud) way too many times, but I'm still in awe of the words – "drowned and extinguished by vastness", "impassable distances between people", "with a swell of vertigo", "far-drifting ash and hostile immensities", "tiny fragment of spirit"... I better stop. Over to Tartt:

Thank you for sticking me with me, and I'll be back soon. Until then, if you’d like to subscribe, please see the form above, or you can always find me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

May the Words be with you!

Emilia Leigh
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IamRocky commented on 03-Dec-2016 11:00 PM
your new site looks amazing <3
Emilia Leigh commented on 04-Dec-2016 07:56 PM
Thanks, IamRocky :)
Dani commented on 07-Dec-2016 08:39 PM
I'm reading The Goldfinch lol another few hundred pages to go. Have you done a book review? I was thinking about it.
Emilia Leigh commented on 08-Dec-2016 07:37 PM
Hi Dani and oops, I just realised the quote might be a bit of a spoiler, sorry. I haven't done a review of "The Goldfinch", please let me know if you decide to do your own though, I'd love to read your opinion on this amazing book. Enjoy reading the rest and thank you for your comment.

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